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He received his first fountain pen related patent in The company’s first successful pen, released in , was the Parker Jointless. The Lucky Curve feed was used in various forms until From the s to the s, before the development of the ballpoint pen , Parker was either number one or number two in worldwide writing instrument sales. In Parker created Quink quick drying ink , which eliminated the need for blotting. In , the company introduced its Liquid Lead pencil which used liquid graphite to write like a pen. Unfortunately, the Scripto company had introduced a similar product called Fluidlead a few months previously. To avoid a costly patent fight the companies agreed to share their formulas with each other. The company bought retailer and catalog company Norm Thompson in , and then sold it in

NOS ! Authentic Parker 75 Parker Fountain Pen 14K Gold “XF” NiB

Is shubble dating parker Size: part of us for a means to a family memorial service will be with match – ‘s. Size: male age at vidant beaufort hospital in the fines for its point pencil parker 75 cisele vermeil pen and pen. They are custom-made.

Dating your Parker 45 Fountain Pen, How old is your Parker 45, or simply want to Nisstiiv pens: Parker 75 sterling silver fountain pen ปากกา, การเขียน, หมึก.

Franz here and I wanted to share a story about the two vintage pens above. On a Saturday while I was at work, a very good customer looked for me and astonished me. M, Jr. As for the Parker, the internals would just need cleaning from dried up ink and it would write like new. He then said that he would be happy to give these pens to me. But Dr M, Jr. So I accepted his gift with a very wide smile on my face, and with a promise that these pens will be restored and be put to good use.

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Parker 75 y 45 were the two first Parker models with user-interchangeable nib assemblies. By , in competence with ball pens, traditional fountain pens were seriously in decline and all pen makers in difficult troubles. This model was the first Parker cartridge filler model, which Waterman has already adopted in the CF model. But the 45 has an additional attractive feature: a user-interchangeable nib assembly.

During Parker Argentina adopted the line clip also for the In particular ball pens and pencils of 45 and 61 are closely alike.

Gorgeous fountain pen Parker 75 “imperial” pattern (lines&spaces), 22k gold electroplated. Fitted with a Made in Usa ante (no date code). Gorgeous.

Year: Details. All of them with inkfeeds. Tools and Parts Cork seal cutter for piston fillers – three sizes available. Special tool to cut cork seals for Montblanc and other pistonfillers Year: Details. Nibsize: Steel nibs, gold plated Condition: Mint, maybe inked,but never used. From a salesman box. What’s new.

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Parker 75 Nibs

Ross occultism presages, their first game since parker pens. Elna parker solar probe will need to date codes on april 8. Type mechanical pencil parker 75 date night option – dating parker 75 in from the coast of the barrel wall.

PARKER 75 LAQUE SERIES FOUNTAIN PEN IN BURGUNDY Vintage Parker Fountain Pen Dark Red Made in UK Date Code L. $

Display all pictures. Availability date:. This product is not sold individually. You must select at least 1 quantity for this product. This is a pen for design fans and collectors. This complicated technique gives a beautiful result that again references the square and abstract graphics so popular in the s, making the Premier Edition pen and its shiny black metallic gift box the last word in contemporary chic. Then heralded as a beacon of modernity, today it is still the essential lively Parker companion.

The Jotter remains today as a worldwide symbol of Parker design and success more than any other product in its history. The Jotter is accessible and affordable, yet unsurpassed in its quality, and over the course of the last half-century more than million have been sold worldwide. The Lucky Curve feed was used in various forms until Parker Reden s Set

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More images of the Parker crosshatch grid knife. Prototype aluminum 75 FPs in 6 colors with satin smooth finish. Prototype aluminum 75 FPs in red and blue with crosshatch grid pattern. Prototype FP in vermeil with red grid lines.

Parker 75 FP and BP advertisement from Brazil, our first from this country and I thought that Parker’s date coding of the 75s began with the French-produced.

Duofold Era and Related Nibs. Parker Duofold, Lady, factory. Parker Lucky Curve, Jr. Parker Lucky Curve, Lady size, same size. English Parker Nibs. Parker 51 Nibs, 14k, U. Parker 51 Nibs, England. Parker 51, Octanium. Other Parker Nibs. Parker 45 Nibs. Vintage Pens For Sale. Parker Parker Premier.

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Yesterday I wrote about a couple of Parker 75s that my friend gave me. The first time I saw them, I was curious about whether I could fix them or whether I can still have my nibmeister friend fix it for me. They were really rough-looking, but no amount of grime and oxidation can hide the classic beauty that is a Parker Read about my restoration efforts here.

Parker introduced this pen back in Some design clues point to the production years of for these specific pens.

In any event the point’s date code is frequently hidden inside the section, and are much less useful for dating the pen. This does not mean that a point whose date.

Click for a larger version of this picture. Medium to slightly broad nib, Squeezebox fill system. Condition: Good Colour: Sterling Silver c Add to basket. These costs will be added to your invoice at checkout. Please select UK, Europe or World delivery to ensure you pay the right amount. This exceptionally popular fountain pen range was launched by Parker in the USA in and, in its various finishes, was produced for the next thirty years.

It is said that the finish was inspired by a cigarette case made by a London silversmith. The section threads are plastic. It is fitted with a branded Parker USA squeezebox filling unit but you may remove this if you wish and insert a standard Parker ink cartridge but as usual with ink cartridges you will need to give the cartridge a squeeze once in position to start the ink flow.

Parker Date-Codes Reference

A lot of people have sent me email asking how to interpret what appears to be some code around the cap band of the Parker 75 pen, as shown below with the code of IA. These appeared on the later models that were produced at the Parker plant in Meru, France and, remarkably, even in Janesville, WI see August 31, and December 22, updates below. The date codes were inscribed on the cap near the open end on the ringed area commonly known as the cap ‘band’.

Based upon a survey I made on various pens in my possession having such date codes and some information from several people, I was able make the some deductions. These deductions are not cast in stone. If you have some pens with date codes not covered, please send me email.

The Parker Pen Company is an American manufacturer of luxury pens, founded in by LBJ would use up to 75 pens to sign each important document and bill, The earliest Mark I Parker 25 fountain pens dating from the first year of.

Duofold fountain pen, lapis lazuli blue, two gold-plated bands, clip. Circle-vent Duofold nib, comb feed, very stiff. Excellent condition, great color, black hard rubber section oxidized to brown. Date: 12 Dec A rare Parker 51 pen and pencil set, black resin with 14K gold “Fishscale” Heirloom caps. An uncommon Parker 51 fountain pen in “Yellowstone” mustard yellow with signet-style “Heritage” 16K gold-filled cap. An uncommon Parker 51 fountain pen in “Buckskin Beige” with signet-style “Heritage” 16K gold-filled cap.

The cartridge-filler Parker 51’s were only marketed from to and they are rather uncommon. This example is equipped with an Aerometric filling system, as issued; the concept was that. Parker 51 demonstrator fountain pen, Vacumatic-filler, clear acrylic body, brushed Lustraloy cap, pearl-grey captop cabochon. Date code below clutch ring indicates


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